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Nevada Land Management Taskforce Resources and Information: 

 Additional NLMTF Resources

July 18 Meeting Agenda

July Meeting Packet 

July 18th Draft of Nevada Land Management Task Force Report 

June Draft Meeting Minutes 

June 27 Meeting Agenda 

June Meeting Packet

Draft of Nevada Land Management Task Force Report 

NEPA- State and Local Permitting Matrix 

May 30 Meeting

Distrabution of Checkerboard Land

May Meeting Packet

 4/25 Meeting Summary

4/28 Updated Preliminary Draft Report 

Updated BLM Checkerboard Land Map

Mike Baughman Presentation on NVLMTF to County Commissions

 April 25 Meeting Agenda

March 28 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Packet

Time Line

Intertech Economic Analysis - Preliminary Draft

RCI preliminary draft report

BLM Checkerboard Land

Solar PEIS Map

March 28 Meeting Agenda 

February 21 Meeting Minutes 

Meeting Packet 

Proposed Schedule

Data Tables 

Reccomendations Memo

Nevada Land Management Timeline

Public Lands Acerages

White Pine County PLUAC Comments

3.28.14 Meeting Summary

(New) Public Comment: Morgan Lynn

(New) Public Comment: Jim Faulk 

(New) Public Comment: Bob Clifford 


February 21 Meeting Agenda

January 24th Meeting Minutes

Meeting Packet

New Nevada Resources LLC Presentation 

Capacity of the State of Nevada to Undertake Envrionmental Prection Programs

Meeting Discussion Tool


January 24th Meeting Agenda

NLMTF Dec 6 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Packet


NLMTF Nov. 1 Meeting Minutes

Management Options Decisions Hierarchy

NLMTF Letter to Solicit Input on Priority Issues of Stakeholders

Comprehensive Task Force Report Outline (Preliminary Draft)

Scott Higginson Presentation

BLM Presentation Talking Points 

SNLMPA Presentation

Mark Squillace Presentation

 Meeting Packet


November 1st Meeting Agenda

NLMTF Sept. 27 Draft Meeting Minutes 

Conservation League Materials

Sierra Club Presentation 

Nevada Farm Bureau Presentation

Coalition for Nevada's Wildlife Letter


September 27th Meeting Agenda 

 Forest Service Map of Public Lands

Updated Intertech Proposal 

Economic Impact Presentation

State Lands Presentation  


August 16 Meeting Agenda

  NLMTF June 28 Meeting Minutes

 Complete Meeting Packet

 Meeting Memo from the Chair

 Mike Baughman Presentation from the August 16th NLMTF

 Public Land Transfer Scoping

NLMTF August Meeting Minutes


June 28 Meeting Agenda


1994 Eureka Study

1996 Eureka Study

Utah HB 148

Utah HB 142

Process Summary of HB 142 and HB 148

Policy Questions for the Nevada Land Management Taskforce

  '96 Report: Managing Public Lands in Nevada: A Strategy for Encouraging Public Discourse... 



Continuity of Government (COG) Report

Prepared by NACO
Click here to download the report.

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