Prescription, Health & Dental Discount Pprogram

NACO is pleased to partner with the National Association of Counties to offer the NACo Prescription – Health – Dental Discount Program which provides relief to uninsured and underinsured Americans who face high prescription, health and dental costs. The program, which is administered by CVS Caremark, includes discounts on prescriptions, vision care, LASIK & PRK vision procedures, hearing aids & screenings, prepaid lab work, prepaid diagnostic imaging, diabetic supplies and dental care.

The prescription portion of the program is free to residents and the savings range from 15 to 75 percent, and is accepted at more than 68,000 pharmacies nationwide. Adding the dental & health discount program enables residents to save on all health services through one program. Savings range from 15 to 50 percent on dental care and is honored by more than 110,000 participating providers nationwide. The discount programs help people who are uninsured, but can also complement health insurance plans or work with health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts.

The program is FREE for member counties and inexpensive for residents:

The NACo Prescription – Health – Dental Discount Program is NOT insurance.

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